Solea Dental Laser for Anxiety-Free Dentistry

At Belmont Family Dentistry, we offer the Solea dental laser for anxiety-free dentistry. With Solea, you’ll have an anxiety-free experience so there is no need to put off going to the dentist any longer. Get the care you need.

The Solea dental laser is forever changing what it means to go to the dentist.

What Other Benefits Does Solea Offer Patients?

The Solea experience is

  • Quick, easy, and done in a single visit
  • Gets you back to your day in minutes without being numb

About 95% of our cases are done anesthesia-free and blood-free, so you can leave the office without that uncomfortable, numb sensation, and get back to your day. In eliminating anesthesia, there is no injecting or waiting for numbness, so your doctor can just sit down, get started, and complete all the dental work you need in just one visit.

How Does The Solea Dental Laser Work?

The Solea dental laser operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated, yet simple computer controls that enable high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue. Solea works on everything from gingiva and dentin to enamel and bone.

Is Solea Pain-Free?

The vast majority of patients report not feeling anything during the procedure, while others report a mild cold sensation.

What Dental Procedures Is Solea Used On?

Solea is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to cut enamel (teeth), soft tissue (gum), and bone. Some procedure examples include cavities, gingivectomies (gum surgery), frenectomiesaphthous ulcers, fibroma removals, crown lengthenings, and more.

Does Solea Work With Silver (Amalgam) Fillings?

In most cases, Solea allows the doctor to remove amalgam minimizing the loss of tooth structure.

Is Solea Used For Dental Cleanings?

Solea is not a replacement for your hygiene check-ups.

Is The Solea Laser Safe?

The Solea laser is cleared by the FDA as the first CO2 dental laser to treat teeth and gums (hard and soft tissue).

Can Solea Be Used For Children As Well?

Solea can accommodate patients of all ages without the need for anesthetic in most cases. Because there is no need for a shot, multiple procedures can be done in one appointment, meaning less time at the dentist. A child can go right back to school or eat right after the appointment because they don’t leave with a numb feeling.

Is Solea Ok To Use For Pregnant Patients?

Yes, the Solea dental laser is actually better since there is no need to inject a pregnant patient with anesthetics for the majority of procedures.

Is Solea Accepted By Insurance?

Dental insurance covers the cost of Solea just like drill work. There are no additional out-of-pocket costs for Solea procedures. To be sure, double check with your insurance provider.

Do Patients Love The Solea Dental Laser?

Millions of Solea patients agree that Solea delivers what it promises – an anxiety-free experience.

If you have a feeling that you’re going to need extensive dental work and you are interested in anxiety-free dentistry with the Solea dental laser, give us a call at (503) 234-1218 to schedule your appointment.

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